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How Do You Get Speaking Engagements?

July 15, 2015

When you have a mission and you are ready to share it out to the world, your best option is to get involved in speaking engagements, through the different forms of media: seminars, conferences, podcast, tv shows, the works!

I put together a little video on how to get more speaking engagements. More speaking means more exposure, and more revenue.

This goes out in particular to all consultants and coaches who would like to know how to effectively put your foot in the door to get that VALUED ATTENTION of your prospective event organizers.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • The MAIN TOOL that is KEY in presenting yourself to event organizers and promoters.
  • What the important things are that go into it to personalize and make it concise.
  • How effective testimonials are.
  • The specific content you need to highlight in your photos and videos that will work best.
  • How to effectively lay out your topics that will quickly be identified by organizers to determine if you or your message is a perfect fit for their event or show.

Remember, in the end, it’s not as much as the message you are sharing, but the vessel that contains it, which is YOU.

Note: I welcome you to share your thoughts and ideas the comments section below. No links to other posts or videos please, they will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

If you like what you read in my blog, please pass along to your closest colleagues, clients and friends or anyone you think could use some inspiration to discover their message to the world. Thank you so much, I appreciate your participation in the discussion.

Much gratitude,

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14 Responses to How Do You Get Speaking Engagements?

  1. Bernard Davidson

    Highly informational! Thank you Jeffrey for these tips. It makes sense to ensure that your website is as pleasing both in content and in the eyes. Saves time for additional questions too. Great one!

  2. Adalyn Wilson

    Hello Jeffrey! The snag I encounter is where to find speaking engagements, events, conferences, with reasonable number of attendees. I suppose Google can help. Might you have any advise on this?

    • yes google and then also meet up. on the meetup you can see how many people show up by the pictures as well. Another source is when you are at speaking engagements ask for others and say you are looking for a group larger then 200 or whatever number is your min.

  3. Ellie Chen

    I like your suggestions. Can you recommend someone who can perhaps tweak an existing website? Thanks.

    • An outsource team who is familiar with word press. Search on odesk for this and you can usually find plenty.

  4. Brooklyn W.

    LinkedIn is another great option!

  5. Nora Li

    Speakers offering speeches on hot topics usually get chosen most of the time, so find out what the general market needs. Know what’s in demand.

    • Ned Cooke

      Hmm well just like what Jeffrey says in a separate interview, why not try doing the opposite and focus on the rarely discussed topics and be an expert on that, but I do understand where you are goin and I also agree with you, so cheers to that!

  6. Michael Brown

    I’m afraid for most of the time, personal and business connections still have weight if you are trying to get booked in a speaking event. Try as we can to impress them with an awesome website, in the end promoters still go for the ones they know.

    • David Miller

      I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that. I know some promoters who prefer to explore options when it comes to speakers and they welcome inquiries. Provided the speaker’s topic and expertise are related to the theme of the event, of course. The beauty of a clean, concise and factual website is that it is easy for promoters to review your credentials, get the feel of how marketable you are (especially if its is a funding event), and basically how useful your information is to the target audience. They can make an instant impression on websites, on its traffic and level of activities. So yeah, its your digital CV. Just gotta say it my friend.

      • Michael Brown

        No worries. Its great then that it really is happening out there.

  7. Isabelle Miller

    This still helps when the little ones come along too!

  8. Gianna Davis

    Now here is an advise that it is truly practical. This is definitely up my alley and I’m excited to get my husband into this.

  9. Richard Wilson

    Having the right partner who will support you is crucial and we all know also that not everyone’s lucky in that department. In this regards, communication can be salvation in a sense. If full understanding and support is not possible, then at least, respect should be somewhere in there.

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