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How Do You Get Paid Well to do What You Love?

July 22, 2015

I took a little time out, because people kept asking me how they can make more money and make a better lifestyle.

Here is one of my secrets – in some of my videos, especially on my online interviews, I just wear board shorts and a dress up shirt on top.

Life is much better in boardshorts.

It is not just about getting paid doing what you love. It’s about getting the lifestyle you want,  living where you want, working with who you want, and wearing what you want.

In this video, I will share with you the vital initial step you need to do to get this all going.

I will also throw in several questions that you can  ask yourself to direct you in achieving the life you want. These questions aim to engage you in evaluating your present life and creating the life you desire.

I know lots of people talk about this subject, yet maybe this video will give you a few tips to take away and support you.

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11 Responses to How Do You Get Paid Well to do What You Love?

  1. Tom

    Awesome video Jeffery.

  2. Jason Lee

    You know Jeffrey that question you threw about finding the most bliss is complicated than it sounds! For real! After watching your video, I took time to ask myself that, which I first thought is just gonna be y’know, a breeze. Now as I type, I still can’t figure it out. I can list down a LOT of things that give me bliss, one thing leads to another but narrowing it down is harder than it seems. Just had to let this out and give my mind a break 🙂

    • Robert Williams

      lol! same here.

  3. Anton Robinson

    It is also important to put yourself out there. Thoughts matter, but actions do better.

  4. Allen Harris

    Finding people that inspire you – this one worked for me, for my life in general. Can happen with a mentor, your friends. My inspiration is a relative of mine. When you can see what they do in their lives first hand and up close, and you see it all turns out good, you just havta get on the boat and get some of it. Im lucky my relative is the sharing type who is happy for my success.

  5. Paul Scott

    Hello Jeffrey, I appreciate it that you talk about your mistakes in the past. In the topic of getting started without micro analyzing things to death and making it perfect, how do you recover once you create a mistake? I feel that the reason why I delay things to get things right, is I fear dealing with the people that I get involved in with my mistakes. If i suffer thats fine,thats my own doing…but do you have any tips how to make it alright with those others who may have been / or will be affected? Thank you!

  6. William Jones

    Thank you Jeffrey. Brilliant contents as always.

  7. Michael Brown

    goodness! I got hit when you spoke of spending years trying to get something perfect and not being able to get it off the ground because of just that, wanting it to be perfect. *ding ding ding*

  8. Julia

    Thank You Jeffrery-LOVE the metaphor ‘You can’t steer a parked car’!

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