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How do you deal with People who are holding you Back?

November 25, 2015

When there are people in our lives who we feel hold us back both in personal and in business, may it be knowingly or unknowingly on their part – we should be very grateful that they’re there for a little while, because they are  showing us the opportunity of experiencing rejections. And somehow, someway, these rejections are  out there, they are inevitably going to happen and you’re going to have to deal with them to be able to move forward.

Yet despite their presence, there are ways on how we can turn things around and to push ourselves beyond what is “expected” of what we can “only” handle.

In today’s episode:

  • Learn how to take a different look at why certain people and energies exists in our lives and how to reframe your mind so you can make these negativities work for you.
  • I’ll  share with you an interesting take on hard work and success coming from the former wife of the absolutely amazing Tesla founder, Elon Musk. This resonates to me since I too, believe that sometimes, you have to disrupt the “normal” order and be uncomfortable to bring about change and results.
  • Find out what’s my personal method for handling this and also some practical tips to get deep in touch with your inner self so you can have the courage and the time to ask yourself life’s tough questions in order to move forward.

People can definitely transcend beyond the doubts, limits, and rejection from others …most certainly to rise beyond what discouragement we also place upon ourselves. Listen to your inner voice. I’ve always said that it is up to us to find, coax, and provoke it to come out and be heard, for it’s the most important voice that you should be listening to.

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Much gratitude,

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7 Responses to How do you deal with People who are holding you Back?

  1. Daniel Bartel

    Thank you Jeffrey, I really needed this message today. Namaste

  2. Cameron

    Thanks Jeff

    Hi Jeff
    Such a great video and really timely for me. I have been spending this time reflecting lately and I am really becoming aware of the concept of freeing up your energy as much as possible to increase your flow in the world. It’s easy to underestimate the role of food and excercise in freeing up energy. Also really listening to what the universe is telling you rather than force feeding yourself what you think you should be doing.

    Elon Musk is a whole other level and his drive to make a difference is so inspiring. I hope to find that sort of drive myself in my own unique way.

    Thanks for the reminder and for what you do.

  3. Jeff,great practical advice as always,Val

  4. Mark

    I have never looked at it that way, seeing people that hold me back, as an opportunity to handle rejection. A different way of looking at it but worth considering. Thanks mate.

  5. Andy Bayer

    Yes, taking care of our bodies is a commitment to our souls. Enough of vanity and let’s make the most of our awesome machinery (our bodies).

  6. Jade Miller

    Thank you for saying that most of this stuff is really about us, but I still appreciate you reminding us every now and then. Thanks for the inspiration!

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