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How do you deal with criticism

July 29, 2015

After working with over 3 million people, it’s inevitable that I face some criticism.

No one out there making an impact doesn’t get any criticism in some sort of way.

Let’s face it…for people, it is very easy to criticize, especially when it is something radically new to them.

Even a great one like Ghandi, was not spared during his lifetime!

With the advent of social media, flinging criticisms has become even easier. So many have become couch critics and even trolls, who derive pleasure in doing this.

So how do you deal with them?

In this episode, I’ll share with you ways on how to handle criticisms.

  • Why treating it as a fact of life can help you understand its existence so you can prepare for it
  • Why you have to learn to desensitize then analyze, for it can be a lesson in disguise.

I know there will be people who think that who I am and what I speak for isn’t for them, and that’s fine.

I find that when you are fully resolved in your goal, criticism can roll of your back sometimes. Sometimes it hurts as well.

In this crazy times we have now, your sanity can benefit by taking things easy and finding ways to just reflect on what your heart is telling you what to do. Then push on and keep your wits about you.  So you can stay true to yourself and remain sane in an insane world!

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8 Responses to How do you deal with criticism

  1. Jo

    Fabulous little reminder. Just what I needed to hear today =)

  2. Evan Sweeting

    The internet has given so much power to anonymity that everyone can just carelessly throw their criticism in the guise of ‘opinion”. Facebook kills me sometimes when I read articles and the comments thereafter and see how some people are thoroughly into the game of just dishing hurtful words. They have no idea what power words have.

    • Ericcson Miller

      Sadly, why are we allowing people like that to breed?

  3. Brandon Anderson

    Is there a pill somewhere Jeffrey that I can take to handle outrageous and random criticism calmly?

  4. Alex Moore

    The nice thing about primarily working from home is that I don’t usually have to exhibit this reaction in public. However, I’ve had plenty of editors tear up my topic ideas and article suggestions quite rudely, and it can be frustrating and embarrassing just the same.

  5. Martin Davis

    Hello everyone. I read somewhere that there is are parts of our brain that makes us feel threatened with criticism: the amygdala and the medial prefrontal cortex. You can google it out as I feel those texts will be better explained 🙂 . Oh and thank you Jeffrey for your amazing inspiring work! Keep it up.

  6. Isabelle Hall

    OMG, this will never get easy, but thank you for sharing your perspective on this.

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