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What could be the future of humanity?

October 28, 2016

Sometimes I find myself having no words to express it. I find that the language as what we know can never truly demonstrate the perfect explanation.

Yet I find that it can be fully expressed with love, with music, and the openness to consider that we are here to birth heaven on earth.

And as we step into our creative forces we are being supported by Mother Earth. One of the ways she supports us is through the healing plants in the Amazons that have existed for centuries, just waiting to be discovered and integrated into our lives. These master plants are our allies. I have heard stories  they could even be us in the future, talking back to us and telling us that we are not alone.

It may seem difficult to process because we have been deeply programmed to believe what we currently hold as truth.

Yet notice that what we have right now as normal is not working. So let’s try something else.

What if what’s possible is pure creation? No give and no take anymore? That would be so worth incarnating into this crazy world just to make that happen.

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2 Responses to What could be the future of humanity?

  1. Kathleen Casagrande

    You have the words actually. You are communicating it. Your words resonate with me; the message has been received, thank you Jeffrey. I share what you are reminding me each time and I continuously learn more. Thank you.

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