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Finding Success in your life with Jeffrey Slayter

March 10, 2015

I just had the opportunity to speak with the gracious Tenille Bentley, acclaimed thought leader and host of the show Digital Consciousness.

In this hour-long presentation, we tackled and probed on the philosophy behind my business and how I apply a holistic approach to running them. Tenille threw very thought provoking questions that reverse engineers the framework of what I do.

Achieving something for the sake of achieving is not sustainable. It is limiting, it is tiring, and it inhibits possibilities. When you realize that Humanity is free, that YOU are free, and you operate from that standpoint, it gives you an unbelievable resource.

As Tenille puts it, we are presently living in a competition based economy which unfortunately breeds strategic corruption, among other things. I see that while we are presently living it, we are also now at the dawn of having this shifted into a more conscious, more enlightened fashion . I see people and corporations who are now learning to embracing this approach to life and business. Our planet is ready for this change, in fact our hurting planet is crying for it. I am happy that I get to see this change in my lifetime; and I feel I am lucky because I get to do something about it.

I do the best I can do to inspire others and inspiring the journey of change for other is through living my own life. My life is my message. I don’t think it can ever be more genuine than that. Some of the highlights of this talk include:

  • My philosophy behind Free Humanity
  • The shift of consciousness in business
  • The present competition based economy and influencing CEOs
  • The different business archetypes and culture
  • Business psychopaths and how I deal with them
  • Going beyond the conscious level when doing Positive affirmations to your life. How I tap into my subconscious.
  • Dissolving boundaries and bridging worlds together
  • My relationship to Time (synthetic time vs organic “real” time)
  • Letting go of people
  • How I would reinvent myself after all my mission has been accomplished – (this, in particular, stumped me in a good way! Very interesting question!)
  • The ease of shifting our mindset and deprogram ourselves in relationship to time
  • My journey towards public speaking
  • How I identify, encourage, express, and nurture gratitude
  • Miracles – identifying them, realizing them and attracting them
  • The change in my approach to challenges in life

This is an insightful conversation teeming with both candid and reflective thoughts. I hope you enjoy this talk.

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If you like what you read in my blog, please pass along to your closest colleagues, clients and friends or anyone you think could use some inspiration to discover their message to the world. Thank you so much, I appreciate your participation in the discussion.

Much gratitude,

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5 Responses to Finding Success in your life with Jeffrey Slayter

  1. Donald Thompson

    “Challenge the ceo where they are certain about it” Awesome! How do we actually challenge the structured culture of big time corporations?

  2. Arthur Walker

    Hello Jeffrey! I most heartily agree with that you said about employee engagement. When it goes down, profit goes down. As a regular employee (still working on dreams of establishing my own business), I could very well say that I am part of what makes our company great / or bad. The actual output comes from us in the downline and when controlled positively or negatively, we have what it takes to bring about profits or sales loss. Now this is in no way a threat, but should serve as a guide to those in the top ranks of the organization. If we are engaged in the whole purpose and goals of business, we get more involved. If our needs are also met and burn out is avoided then we are actually driven to contribute back to the company. Satisfied employees are also satisfied customers. I not only keep this in mind,but i guess this is already instilled in me, since I live this experience at work everyday. I hope all employers out there get this message. It’s not always about the money. Thank you Jeffrey and keep up your inspiring work.

  3. Lily Russell

    I’ve read about how Psychopaths in business and life in general can be a good thing:

    Being a psychopath isn’t always a bad thing. 🙂

  4. Brian Robinson

    Jeffrey you are just radiating positivity! The what-ifs you throw out are both encouraging and thought provoking. You’ve just made me look at all the depressing news in the tv and print through hope filtered eyeglasses. That maybe these chaotic experiences of the world, are in one way or another, setting us up for a change! The birthing analogy is just funny but spot on!

    • Ronald Clark

      What kind of change though? We don’t know. Aren’t we setting ourselves up for passivity if we think that way? It makes me feel that whether I do something or not, there will be change. With a billion lives in the world interacting, knowingly or unknowingly, at varied timelines, how do we know if the absence of our action on something will actually result to something positive, and our action has actually resulted to something negative?

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