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Episode 38 – Jeffrey Slayter – “Free Humanity”

April 17, 2015


Last week, I connected with Super Woo Radio’s George Kavassilas via phonecall interview to chat and discuss how to embody one’s services to improve revenues in business.We also talked about the connection between the law of attraction and a sound business plan. My dad is a huge part of my career. He continues to inspire me and in this interview, I’ll be sharing how my own father helped me find my path in life.

One thing I learned throughout my own journey is that life isn’t just about achieving so much. You don’t have to spend half your life chasing after money to feel better about yourself. The foundation of a successful business is knowing the difference between knowledge and experience. And this is something that I discussed in detail with my good friend, George.

I also came in to reveal the simple and often-overlooked mistakes some entrepreneurs make that leads to a failed business. George and I also talked about being able to free yourself from the system in order to make a mark in your career. I had such a great time with this interview and I learned a lot from George as well. I’m hoping everyone will learn more and enjoy this podcast as much as I did.

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.

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11 Responses to Episode 38 – Jeffrey Slayter – “Free Humanity”

  1. Ben C

    “Challenge the ceo where they are certain about it” Awesome! How do we actually challenge the structured culture of big time corporations?

    • As the leaders of the company the way to change the organization is to transform ourselves. The organization will only grow to the extent the leaders do.

  2. Evan Sweeting

    Hello Jeffrey! I most heartily agree with that you said about employee engagement. When it goes down, profit goes down. As a regular employee (still working on dreams of establishing my own business), I could very well say that I am part of what makes our company great / or bad. The actual output comes from us in the downline and when controlled positively or negatively, we have what it takes to bring about profits or sales loss. Now this is in no way a threat, but should serve as a guide to those in the top ranks of the organization. If we are engaged in the whole purpose and goals of business, we get more involved. If our needs are also met and burn out is avoided then we are actually driven to contribute back to the company. Satisfied employees are also satisfied customers. I not only keep this in mind,but i guess this is already instilled in me, since I live this experience at work everyday. I hope all employers out there get this message. It’s not always about the money. Thank you Jeffrey and keep up your inspiring work.

  3. Christina

    Jeffrey you are just radiating positivity! The what-ifs you throw out are both encouraging and thought provoking. You’ve just made me look at all the depressing news in the tv and print through hope filtered eyeglasses. That maybe these chaotic experiences of the world, are in one way or another, setting us up for a change! The birthing analogy is just funny but spot on!

    • Louisa MacKenzie

      What kind of change though? We don’t know. Aren’t we setting ourselves up for passivity if we think that way? It makes me feel that whether I do something or not, there will be change. With a billion lives in the world interacting, knowingly or unknowingly, at varied timelines, how do we know if the absence of our action on something will actually result to something positive, and our action has actually resulted to something negative?

  4. Nelly Powell

    Good to hear you saying that you also learn from your audience. I’ve attended various conferences and i can say that it gets apparent right away if speakers are appreciative of what they take from audience.

  5. Paul White

    Embody what you offer, i agree with that. That’s why being an actual representation of what you offer is the best and sustaining marketing tool.

  6. Sandy Walters

    I love the flow of this interview. George is soothingly good at drawing information from people and letting the guest contribute. Most especially if guests are as awesome as you Jeffrey!

  7. Jasmine Thompson

    Respect to you for acknowledging that the word “struggle” is subjective.

  8. Mark Harris

    Its just human nature to be doubtful of something that is new. Most of the time when others criticize you, they do so out of fear.

  9. Kevin Lewis

    Hi Jeffrey, you and George are good together. From what I hear from this interview, you two totally share the same passion and it fills me up with excitement and energy as well. I just can’t wait for someone to create a pill that we can all just take to instantly wake up and really LIVE. As George puts it “to be switched on!” More power to you two!

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