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Do humans have free will?

December 9, 2015

It is interesting to note that with the abundance of options and choices that surround us in our everyday lives, we still tend to wonder if us humans, truly have free will.

Do we have some form of independence when creating our actions or are our actions predetermined by known physical laws?

Perhaps it is a bit of both… maybe it’s a bit of a paradox.

Perhaps when we chose to reincarnate here, there was a moment in time that we have total free will and that everything already exist, so that prior to coming here to this planet, a part of our soul knows what will happen, and it knows what is best for its own growth, its own continued expansion… And in a moment in time our soul chooses with a complete free will to choose the path designed according to its journey and expansion.

Perhaps by living we have also signed up for this insane matrix system designed to distract us from spiritual growth and discover the truth of who we really are.

From my own experience, whether or not we have free will, is still a grand mystery. My conclusion and I could be wrong, but I believe that we can do something about the distractions that are set here to divide our attention from our soul’s true paths.

Just trust the inner knowing that we have within us.

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7 Responses to Do humans have free will?

  1. Maria Fernandez

    Hello Jeffrey,

    I absolutely enjoy watching your inspirational videos and explanation of how you see and feel about every day emotions and actions and reactions to circumstances etc.

    I was wondering though, how would you explain, or talk about the experiences, the feelings and the emotions that children, who have suffered child abuse, emotional abuse or physical abuse – and now are struggling in adult life.

    What would you say to those, or do you have any video’s I can post to my newly formed Page ‘Gods Angels’.

    Would love to hear from you.



    • Hi Maria,

      My answer to your question would be more questions and empathy to the people who do experience trauma. Most of the time people who have been through trauma need empathy towards them. Nothing to fix about them. We all have a medicine within us that can cure any trauma. If we can seek to understand not just with our language but with our hearts to there’s they tend to find a medicine with them selves. Yet this can take time. Yet in order for them to heal they must stop the hands of time. Healing is what happens when time stops. We stop time by being in our hearts with them. Yet let me also say that person is different and it is unique to the being and energetic pattern of that being. Yes feel free to post my videos that you like from YouTube channel.

      Thank you!

  2. Dear Jeff,

    I love the way you always stimulate my brain to ask “Is there another way to view life or what am I meant to learn from this experience? “

    • Thanks Val, please share the video to your family and friends 🙂

  3. Bernard

    Quite an interesting perspective.

  4. Christina Bell

    The free will issue has huge issues for many areas of our society. Not to mention our legal system- If a criminal defendant has no free will, then he cannot be held responsible for his crime, because he could not have chosen otherwise.

  5. Justin Parker

    Hi Jeff, great job man! For me what matters is whether we think we are making choices, regardless of whether our behavior is really “uncaused”. I find it important that people should behave as though they are responsible for their behavior. So whether or not we science has predisposed us to think and behave accordingly, we need to believe that we have free will. Its one of the things that make us truly human. At least thats how I see it. Anyways, keep the awesome work.

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