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The dirty trap of achieving something in life

November 29, 2016

I find that sometimes the very reason that pushes us is the same reason that limits us.

When we’ve gone on to accomplish what we have set our hearts out to do, our achievements oftentimes limit our souls towards our continuous self-evolution.

I have realized for myself that my work was actually getting in the way of my own transformation.

And so I had to make choice… do I keep going or do I stop?

This happens to many and I find that it helps:

• When we ask ourselves how are our achievements blinding us from the sweet taste of life?

• When we lose our reason for doing something, for it leads us to resort to action. We just do it.

• When we step back and appreciate how we are much like birds who don’t need a reason to sing. We as humans each have a song to sing and sometimes we need to abandon rational reason so we can be free to act on what our hearts are called out to do.

I’m sharing with you this video which hopefully provides you with an insight on why “losing” your reason sometimes makes more sense and makes you get things done.

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One Response to The dirty trap of achieving something in life

  1. This is a great message! 🙂 Thankyou Jeffrey!
    So beautiful and important to reflect on this when creating and getting up to big things in the world. Gratitude. Thankyou for sharing and inspiring us with your song! 🙂

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