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January 26, 2015


At times I felt have hit a fork in the road in life. I usually think only two roads exist. Till I wake up to many many other roads that I could take beyond the two in front of me. They just may not be smooth like the two other roads. Yet one thing is for sure. Less have traveled on the unpaved roads.

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4 Responses to Choices…

  1. Carter Steiner

    If only this can be really taken to heart in one reading, it will save many people from disappointments and hopelessness. There are many roads, just as there are many doors and windows. Just do your best to get past the dark tunnel and there will be something amazing at the other end. May not be the exact one you hope for at first glance, but at least you are out of the tunnel.

  2. Audrey Phillips

    Agree. Haven’t we learned enough early on, in grade school…numbers go beyond, 1 and 2. Numbers are infinite. If numbers even do exist 🙂

  3. Macy

    Hello Jeffrey, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Does wonder for the mind and heart.

  4. Riley Sanchez

    Sadly for some people they cannot see these options on their own. I have worked in social rehabilitation programs for inner city kids and if I didn’t have my soul and heart fully grounded into my being, it is possible to be lost with them in their misery and depression. We have a choice. If we cannot find one that can be offered to us, we can make one instead.

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