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How does a healer and a coach build a brand and increase leads?

January 12, 2017

This video is going to help your business have more impact and more profits.

Oftentimes the challenge for entrepreneurs is how to get themselves out THERE in the market- to be recognised.

Yet most entrepreneurs, who have already positioned themselves on what they can sell, find it difficult to step up to get to a wider market. They have boxed themselves in.

We forget that what we commonly and singularly do, can possibly create a totally different experience for others. So perhaps make it a fun challenge to turn these “others” into your audience…and your audience into your consumers.

You may find that the conversation in this video is addressed to help a sound healer/coach to get more leads, yet the strategy we talked about here can also be applied to any other businesses.

I talk more of this in my Mentorship Programs yet here are a few takeaways from this video for you:

  • Be willing to expand your frame a little bit more.
  • Create a content that serves as your exposure to the market. Won’t be exactly profitable, but this will serve as a lead funnel to capture people that are curious about what you do
  • Give people a way of an exchange (could be free or very inexpensively priced content) for their email address which you then invite them to activities that will bring in the profits.

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One Response to How does a healer and a coach build a brand and increase leads?

  1. Thanks for that Jeffrey.
    I’ve been looking into something similar already. But more information like this always helps.

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