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Art of Likeability – Future of Influence and Sales Interview with Jeffrey Slayter

August 19, 2015

My interview with Arel Moodie for his podcast show, ”Art of Likeability”.

Today, I’m happy to share with you an interview I had for the podcast show “ Art of Likeability”, hosted by Arel Moodie. Arel was named in Inc. Magazine’s prestigious “30 Under 30” list as one of the best entrepreneurs in the country under 30 years of age joining folks like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.  He was personally acknowledged by President Obama 2 years in a row for his work as a leader in America and has been a featured speaker at the White House. Arel has also given the TEDx talk on Likability and wrote the Forbes Article on the subject.

Arel threw in questions that directly represented the concerns faced by entrepreneurs, and people in general. This is a very informative interview with exercises you can do to address those concerns and hopefully you pick up some takeaways to support you in your business and life.

Highlights of this interview:

  • As entrepreneurs, we sometimes develop an allergy to sales and this is due to how a “sales experience” has been presented to us in the past. To get over this allergy, you must change your relationship by developing empathy and connection with your clients.  If you yourself see sales as manipulative, you are going to fail in selling. Check out an exercise that you can do to help you identify what holds you back towards effective sales.
  • Make sure you are sold on yourself first so you can stay congruent with your intention without sounding “salesy” and pushy. How do you overcome initial resistance to this? We all want connection, and it is human nature to respond favorably to empathy. Listen and check out 3 ways how you can address this.
  • The fear of rejection also holds back an entrepreneur from connecting to their customers. Unfortunately, rejection will always be around yet sometimes all those NO’s we encounter can help us create more YES’s in the future. You can deal with this by changing your relationship with rejection, and seeing it as a reality of business and life. Find out how you can do just that.
  • How are some ways we can make fewer calls and yet create more sales? I find that what helps is by defining your  perfect  customers.  Find out how you can identify them.
  • What if someone is afraid of losing customers? After defining your perfect customer, be discerning which ones are costing you a lot of money and time. Let them know that you don’t tolerate this kind of business, and by doing this, you are also telling the same to the universe, making you attract more customers fitting your niche.
  • How do you generate leads to drive people to your website? There are many channels and platforms yet it depends on your type of business. But generally you can try joint ventures, community involvement, public speaking (podcasts and stages), general marketing on radio & tv, facebook ads.
  • How to create a connective sales that repeat? People buy not what you say, but what you embody. Emotion creates motion. In sales we need to connect to the status of the brand.
  • How do you make people figure what they are really triggering?  You find out by talking to customers.
  • How do I  influence CEOs to connect in a deeper level to their businesses and the planet? I find that healing medicines and other entheogens are effective tools in creating a fast transformative change on a person. Check out this link to know more about my project “The Grand Initiative” –
  • Finally but not the least, know the difference between Request and Demands.  Figuring out what effects each has on your dealings with your employees can have a major impact on your employee productivity and engagement.

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10 Responses to Art of Likeability – Future of Influence and Sales Interview with Jeffrey Slayter

  1. Stephen Jones

    Hello Jeffrey! I’ve been listening to you interviews and I’m grateful that you keep each interview interesting and informative, but this one so far, tops my list with regards to your talk on sales. Very very informative and enlightening. I listened to it again with paper and pen and I appreciate the tips and exercises. Thank you!

  2. Kaitlyn Wright

    Yes, my favorite one so far!

  3. Scarlett Evans

    The latest one for me. All your interviews have been insightful and inspiring.

  4. Leo Burton

    My primary takeaway from this is when you talked about respecting time. When I was first starting in sales, I have been “taught” to “LURE” people into sales in guise of coffee chats. I’ve learned in the later years, that not only it is an inconsistent process to get sales, but the “deceiving” feel of if all backfires and I got the reputation that, thats’ what im just all about. Sure i learned how to make it sound not salesy–but I was hungry for an immediate response that I guess people got turned off with that. My wife jokes that “people smelt my perspiration and desperation”. Im certainly doing better now.

  5. Natalie White

    Arel definitely throws in very practical questions, definitely drew a lot from you and we are so grateful for that.

  6. Sarah Jones

    Yes, people buy what you embody. This is why being an example of what you do can create more influence over talk and lectures. You Mr Slayter, are one inspiring man. Thank you!

  7. Elizabeth Brown

    Arel definitely throws in very practical questions, definitely drew a lot from you and we are so grateful for that.

  8. Nick

    Wonderful interview Jeffrey!

  9. Earl Hudson

    Bookmarking this one.

  10. James Johnson

    My takeaway from this episode? Stop trying to work with ALL customers.

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