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免費電子書: 揭開的智慧 8 世界上最大的思想家


This is a content-rich workshop full of unique content that you can use straight away to improve all aspects of your life. 金錢, 關係, 靈性, 健康, Happiness, You Name It. When you come to Free Humanity you’ll get clear about your mission in life with actionable strategies to support you, so you can contribute more to the world and become the change you want to see in it.


  • 位置: TBA
  • 日期: TBA
  • 時間: TBA

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註冊或來電諮詢 - 聯繫杰弗裡Slayter隊

電話: +61 (02) 8003 5747
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發展你的生活,,en,發展你的生活很容易為大家誰選擇與開放的心態接受它,,en,發展你的生活帶來的根本結構化的經驗教訓,,en,發展你的生活,,en,發展你的生活很容易為大家誰選擇與開放的心態接受它,,en,發展你的生活帶來的根本結構化的經驗教訓,,en,發展你的生活,,en,發展你的生活很容易為大家誰選擇與開放的心態接受它,,en is quite simply the training that you come to when you feel like you’ve been to every spiritual/personal development/woo-woo workshop there is. It is the starting point for those individuals who are ready for the next stage of personal evolution – the leaders, changemakers and thought leaders of tomorrow.

The world is changing and the old styles of learning and growth no longer fit with what humanity needs next. As Jeff like to say: Evolution is inevitable but how you choose to evolve is up to you.

This training is therefore about setting up the foundations for how you will choose to evolve. That is: Will you spend more time forcing yourself onto a synthetic timeline bound by the social programming that has been intended for you? Or will you choose the pathway that might be challenging at first, but allows you to grow organically along the timeline you originally intended for yourself?

All this may sound a little abstract or ‘woo-woo’ and that’s because it is. This training is designed to fit with the flow of how life actually works – and life is never as concrete, certain or structured as we would sometimes like it to be.

Life is about experience – and that’s exactly what you will get at Evolve your Life.


  • 位置: Byron Community Centre
  • 日期: 17日 – 20月日 2018
  • 時間: 10在 – 7pmish

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註冊或來電諮詢 - 聯繫杰弗裡Slayter隊

電話: +61 (02) 8003 5747
電子郵件: [email protected]



國家: 澳大利亞

Jeffrey Slayter’s The Business Evolution 是企業家, 教練, Consultants, 商務專家, and Business Owners who want to learn the powerful frameworks of business so they can create a lasting impact on more people in the marketplace. 該業務發展結合了所有爆炸的電流達到所需要的基本要素,並建立了與明確的市場營銷策略的自動化業務.

Learn the tools and techniques to fulfill your personal 企業目標. 本課程匯集了銷售, 營銷和你的視覺創造人類更改,恕不如何連點的困惑. 一個明確的模式,拓展您的業務,並產生更多的線索.

不管你是在商業領域是什麼, 這將提高你的能力,整個企業的各個方面影響的結果:

  • 銷售 & 談判
  • 領導
  • 合營企業經營企業
  • 自動化
  • 包裝和定位

Lead Trainer: Rossco Paddison

About Your Trainer

Rossco Paddison has started and built many successful businesses including Profit Spaces – a coworking space for ambitious entrepreneurs. Over the past 10 years he has inspired from the stage thousands of startups, 企業業主和不以利潤來發現他們正在尋找的結果的直接路徑,,en,Rossco也備受追捧的企業教練和顧問,他的工作進行一對一與客戶成長和拓展業務,,en,Rossco喜歡分享他的知識和經驗,洞察力幫助客戶自動化他們的業務,以更有利的工作,,en. Rossco is also highly sought after as a business coach and consultant where he works one on one with clients to grow and scale their businesses.


  • 位置: 拜倫灣, 新南威爾士州, 澳大利亞 (機場可以波麗娜, 黃金海岸和布里斯本)
  • 日期: 22-25 Feb 2018
  • 時間: 9:30上午 - 7pmish

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To Register or Inquire – Contact Jeffrey Slayter’s team

電話: +61 (02) 8003 5747
電子郵件: [email protected]



Jeffrey Slayter’s The Path of Alchemy is a program for coaches and consultants who want to learn how to quickly and effectively earn 6 或7位數的收入, 真正增壓他們有他們的客戶的生活和今天的企業的影響.

做這個程序為您提供了經驗和戰術獲得最 先進 因為它們同時適用於商務和生活變革的人改變工作方式.

->恆星Profits.Broader Impact.Deeper Change.Mind開幕. 樂趣。<-

更重要的是 - 杰弗裡Slayter團結交替理念與經營方針,以提供系統,以幫助像你這樣的人, 企業, 你它們是什麼在這裡做世界, 同 征服.

最後, 有機會真的 心臟 回到做生意, 因此企業可以成為一個更好的車輛 人道主義 變化.

地點和日期 2017:


Nov 2017 – April 2018: The Hummingbirds

  • 會議 3: 12日 – 15月日 2018

位置: 拜倫灣

時間: 10:00上 - 6:30pmish每一天

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註冊或來電諮詢 - 聯繫杰弗裡Slayter隊

電話: +61 (02) 8003 5747
電子郵件: [email protected]



師友 program is Jeffrey Slayter’s personalized six-month program that focuses on providing “in-business” individuals (企業主, 顧問, 音箱, 教練和企業家) 最進化和有效的方法今天獲得巨大的飛躍的業務成果.

個性化的方式來幫助您和您的企業激光重點解決那些牽著你的業務回電源包裝策劃動力學問題, 在這裡您可以充分利用來之不易的商業知識和經驗的多樣性. 如果您已經完成了很多研討會, 這是信息豐富, 那麼導師計劃是關於實現它們為您的企業. 這是最接近你可以去訪問頂級單對單輔導, 不用花一大筆錢.

進入營商友導計劃是由應用程序只. 傑夫運行 4 獨家組 14 每年企業, 下面列出. 有關本次活動點擊詳細了解更多信息 這裡.

In-Person Sessions (Choose 2):

時間: 10在 – 6:30下午

  • February Session: 27月日 – 1ST三月 2018
  • 位置: 拜倫灣 – address will be given to program participants

Call Dates (Join Any 6 Calls):

  • 12th January, 12 noon Sydney time
  • 5月日, 12 noon Sydney time

More call dates will be added as the year progresses.


Please post any technical questions if you are joining the call into the Mentorship Facebook group – this is the best place to get quick help.

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註冊或來電諮詢 - 聯繫杰弗裡Slayter隊

電話: +61 (02) 8003 5747
電子郵件: [email protected]

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