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What is this training?

The Rising Messengers is a 6-day LIVE training for those with a message to share. It is about learning the art of deeply connecting with an audience in a way that compels them to act – without needing to resort to manipulative sales tactics, fancy language or outrageous promises.

There are many great speakers out there, but far fewer who deliver a message in a way that drives their audiences to shift or change. This is a chance for you to be one of the few who can stand authentically on any platform in the world and do just that.

This highly experiential training is about beginning to embody who you want to be from a platform whether that be online or offline. Sí, you will learn theory but the reality is that to become a more impactful and influential speaker, you need to be speaking. Over the course of these 6-days you will have plenty of opportunities to put into practice in front of a live and responsive audience, the tools and ideas that you are learning.

You will learn how to:

  • Stand in your authentic self from any online or offline platform in the world
  • Sell your message, product or service from stage
  • Work completely without a script
  • Turn your vulnerability into an asset
  • Stay confident and at ease when faced with challenging people or situations (eg. hecklers, technology failures, wardrobe malfunctions…)
  • Have fun with your audiences!
  • Be human on stage
  • Understand and tap into what your audience most needs from you
  • Run impactful and memorable workshops
  • Deliver networking events
  • Run unforgettable webinars and teleseminars
  • Build a profitable business around speaking and training (mercadeo, branding etc)
  • Speak for media engagements (televisión, radio, social media etc)
  • Manage your energy levels so that you can speak for longer without becoming drained
  • Tap into your intuition from the stage and use that to have more impact and influence on your audience
  • And much more…

What you will get:

  • A highly experiential 6-day LIVE training course
  • The opportunity to practice speaking in front of live audiences throughout the training
  • Access to a unique group of interesting and influential people

Who is this for:

  • Thought leaders, altavoces, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants, CEO’s
  • Anyone with a message to share that can contribute positively to humanity and the planet
  • Individuals who want to use the vehicle of speaking to help fulfill their business visions
  • People who are curious about themselves and the world
  • Driven people who are ready to make money from their speaking and training

This is not for:

  • Anyone looking to manipulate others in order to reach their own objectives
  • Individuals who are dishonest or who lack integrity
  • Those who are more interested in finding a quick-fix than actually doing the work it takes to become successful
  • Close-minded and selfish individuals

País: Australia

Precio: $4,500 MXN

Lugar y fechas:

  • Ubicación: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia (Los aeropuertos pueden ser Ballina, Gold Coast o Brisbane)
  • Fecha: September 12th-17th 2017

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Teléfono: +61 (02) 8003 5747
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Cliente Comentarios

Gaelene Adams Madera, Altavoz profesional, Entrenador y Líder Transformacional

El Corazón de Hablar era mucho más de lo que esperaba. No sólo cubre los aspectos prácticos de habla profesional, fue hecho con mucho humor y carácter real. Jeffrey Slayter es un líder que está en una misión espiritual para liberar a la humanidad y su intención en este no conoce límites. Fue un privilegio estar en su compañía, el aprendizaje de una gran experiencia, altamente evolucionado líder espiritual.”

Kellie Stewart, The Horsemanship Institute

The Heart of Speaking is an amazing gift. It gave me a new perspective on speaking from stage and how to be authentic – how to speak a message that resonates with my audience. During this event I stepped into my power and owned all aspects required to effectively deliver information that will be heard .Yes it was challenging but the rewards have already shown to be insurmountable. Highly recommend this event to anyone looking to improve their business through speaking.”

James Beilharz

I found ‘The Heart of Speaking’ incredibly transformative. I feel so equipped in the area of speaking and also super inspired to deliver my message to the world. This workshop is a non-negotiable for speakers, up-and-coming speakers or people who wish to take themselves to the next level!”

Sheryl Harvey

Thank you Jeff, for an amazing 5 days at the Heart of Speaking. The overwhelming fear and apprehension of feeling vulnerable in front of people was immediately put to rest, by the caring and compassionate way you eased us all into facing what we most dreaded. The content and information was excellent.”

Nuray Ozden

Jeffrey your workshops are truly transformative. I walk in and out a completely different person. Love your passion for what you do. It rubs off on us all. With love and gratitude.”

Megan Clark, The Wholeness of Light

I’ve known for sometime now that it’s my path to speak….and that was such an overwhelming scary statement for me to acknowledge! It was even more scarier for me to consider investing money into. And yet here I am on the other side of having completed Jeffery Slayter’s Heart of Speaking course & I feel so excited about the prospect of speaking. His course has given me so much confidence, inside knowledge & genuine tools of the trade that I feel truly ready to come out of the closet in order to speak my message! My first engagement is in a month & I’m feeling surprisingly calm & centred about it all. I’m so happy that the universe brought Jeffery into my world, otherwise I’d still be thinking instead of doing. If your not sure about doing a course with Jeffery, go anyway, you’ll be amazed at what will be set free from within you.”

Martha Arifin, Trusted Web Expert

As always, Jeffrey’s training is the best I’ve found. This training has given me a lot of confidence as well as necessary techniques in speaking and presenting and doing it the right way. Thank you Jeff and the Team for such a great workshop!”

Marko Petrovic

Well worth the investment! Having implemented the take-aways into my talks I’ve definitely noticed a response in engagement, quality of deliver in my work and sales. Gracias!”

Rebekah Morgan

If you are questioning yourself as to whether or not an event of Jeffrey’s is worth the time and the expense. It takes one step to change your life – you truly have to experience it to know that you wouldn’t question yourself again. Life changing. Gracias.”

Catterina Oferta

Attending this course, I plunged head-first into my fears. Jeff’s raw, real and heart-felt approach reminded me how important it is to keep stepping into this space if I want to share my message with the world – to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Gracias.”



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