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THE HEART OF SPEAKING (Evolved into Rising Messengers Course)

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Jeffrey Slayter’s Heart of Speaking Program (6 Days) is for Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Speakers, Coaches, Consultants, Business Professionals, and Business Owners who want to share their gifts and messages to positively impact more people in the marketplace.

Forget about just making a sale.

Forget about just closing a deal.

Forget about just entertaining a crowd and feeling good.

All of that happens naturally when you truly incorporate the Heart of Speaking into your toolkit.

The Heart of Speaking is about learning the art of deeply connecting with an audience, to share a message, service or product that you know will benefit peoples’ lives, and bring groups closer together in a shared experience. This is really an opportunity to put the heart and authenticity back into your speaking and selling in front of a group, so that your message and business can be a better vehicle to support humanity.

Regardless of what form or medium of speaking you are in, this will enhance your ability to influence your audience at a deep level like never before:

  • Public Speaking
  • Media (Television, Radio, Social Media etc..)
  • Selling off stage
  • Running workshops
  • Private Networking Events
  • Boardroom Meetings
  • Sales Meetings
  • CEO Forums
  • Online Webinars & Teleseminars

Typical Benefits You Can Expect

  • Increase Your Confidence & Clarity when speaking in front of a crowd or group of people.
  • Positively Impact More Lives with your message and product.
  • Create & Sustain a Movement to impact lives, and bring humanity closer together.
  • Leverage Your Time by learning how to sell and facilitate in a 1:Many setting
  • Expand Your Brand Exposure so that your service or products become a well-respected offering in the marketplace.
  • Earn More Money by working with the power of bringing people closer together.
  • Increase Your Emotional Intelligence required causing motion in all aspects of a sale.

No matter what aspect of business you are in, this will enhance your ability to influence across all facets of business:

  • Sales & Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Joint Business Ventures
  • Social Entrepreneurism

Who It Is For

✔ Thought Leaders, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, Coaches, and Consultants who want to rapidly grow the impact they have on peoples’ lives, by learning the art of selling and sharing their gifts with a crowd.
✔ Individuals who know that selling a message or product, is a tool to contribute their gift to the world, and enhance everyone’s experience.
✔ Individuals who truly get the value of themselves and what they bring to the world, and want to use the vehicle of speaking to fulfill their business visions.

What You Will Learn

This is a taste of what you will learn over the course of five-days (note: the order may be adjusted to best serve the needs of the group):

  • Understanding your market so you know where you connect, and where you need to take them in order to transform their lives.
  • Unusual marketing techniques that put butts in seats.
  • How to develop seminars that make you money.
  • Packaging and Designing your product and services for maximum saleability.
  • How to start immediately by creating well-paid speaking opportunities.
  • Setting up Your Event and the effective use of space.
  • How to Remove the Fear of speaking in front of a crowd, and confidently address them.
  • Establish Credibility with your audience.
  • How to Build Deep Rapport with your audience, and connect to the hearts of every individual.
  • Mastery of Body Language and other non-verbal communication needed to speak effectively.
  • How to Develop Higher Awareness of your emotional intelligence, because you can have techniques all day long, but emotion creates motion and impact.
  • How to Smoothly Handle Objections & Difficulties in the audience.
  • To Find Your Authentic Self in your message.
  • How to be Congruent to your value and what you deliver.
  • Establish and Position your message, product or services in front of a crowd.
  • Communicating & Positioning Value in your audience’s mind.
  • How to Sell High Price Point Products and services from the stage.
  • How to Move Hundreds/Thousands of People at a time get them to take action.
  • Live Hot Seat Speaker Training, Feedback and Development.

Country: Australia

Price: $4,500 AUD

Location and Dates:

  • Location: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia (Airports can be Ballina, Gold Coast or Brisbane)
  • Date: September 12th-17th 2017

Register or Inquire – Contact Jeffrey Slayter’s team

Phone: +61 (02) 8003 5747
Email: [email protected]

Client Feedback

Gaelene Adams Wood, Professional Speaker, Coach and Transformational Leader

The Heart of Speaking was so much more than I anticipated. Not only did it cover the practical aspects of professional speaking, it was done with a lot of humour and realness. Jeffrey Slayter is a leader who is on a spiritual mission to free humanity and his intention on this knows no bounds. It was a privilege to be in his company, learning from a highly experienced, highly evolved spiritual leader.”

Kellie Stewart, The Horsemanship Institute

The Heart of Speaking is an amazing gift. It gave me a new perspective on speaking from stage and how to be authentic – how to speak a message that resonates with my audience. During this event I stepped into my power and owned all aspects required to effectively deliver information that will be heard .Yes it was challenging but the rewards have already shown to be insurmountable. Highly recommend this event to anyone looking to improve their business through speaking.”

James Beilharz

I found ‘The Heart of Speaking’ incredibly transformative. I feel so equipped in the area of speaking and also super inspired to deliver my message to the world. This workshop is a non-negotiable for speakers, up-and-coming speakers or people who wish to take themselves to the next level!”

Sheryl Harvey

Thank you Jeff, for an amazing 5 days at the Heart of Speaking. The overwhelming fear and apprehension of feeling vulnerable in front of people was immediately put to rest, by the caring and compassionate way you eased us all into facing what we most dreaded. The content and information was excellent.”

Nuray Ozden

Jeffrey your workshops are truly transformative. I walk in and out a completely different person. Love your passion for what you do. It rubs off on us all. With love and gratitude.”

Megan Clark, The Wholeness of Light

I’ve known for sometime now that it’s my path to speak….and that was such an overwhelming scary statement for me to acknowledge! It was even more scarier for me to consider investing money into. And yet here I am on the other side of having completed Jeffery Slayter’s Heart of Speaking course & I feel so excited about the prospect of speaking. His course has given me so much confidence, inside knowledge & genuine tools of the trade that I feel truly ready to come out of the closet in order to speak my message! My first engagement is in a month & I’m feeling surprisingly calm & centred about it all. I’m so happy that the universe brought Jeffery into my world, otherwise I’d still be thinking instead of doing. If your not sure about doing a course with Jeffery, go anyway, you’ll be amazed at what will be set free from within you.”

Martha Arifin, Trusted Web Expert

As always, Jeffrey’s training is the best I’ve found. This training has given me a lot of confidence as well as necessary techniques in speaking and presenting and doing it the right way. Thank you Jeff and the Team for such a great workshop!”

Marko Petrovic

Well worth the investment! Having implemented the take-aways into my talks I’ve definitely noticed a response in engagement, quality of deliver in my work and sales. Thank you!”

Rebekah Morgan

If you are questioning yourself as to whether or not an event of Jeffrey’s is worth the time and the expense. It takes one step to change your life – you truly have to experience it to know that you wouldn’t question yourself again. Life changing. Thank you.”

Catterina Tilby

Attending this course, I plunged head-first into my fears. Jeff’s raw, real and heart-felt approach reminded me how important it is to keep stepping into this space if I want to share my message with the world – to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Thank you.”



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