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THE HEART OF LIVING (Now Known as Evolve Your Life)

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4 day seminar hosted by Jeffrey Slayter


The Heart of Living (Now Known as Evolve Your Life) is for individuals who wants to properly understand and apply the fundamental building-blocks to drastically improve all facets of their life including; Business, Career, Family, Relationships, Health, Leisure, and Social Impact. From getting unstuck, or to really accelerate what is already working in your life. Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, professional or an aspiring self-employed, this 4 day seminar will give you a structured insight and guidance to:

  • The Art of Manifestation.
  • The Power of Questioning Reality.
  • How to Clarify Your Personal Life Mission and Purpose.
  • How to Live Miraculously and Transform Lives (your own and others).

Who This Is For…

The types of people who will benefit from this most include;

✔ Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants who have heard and learnt from a multitude of business performance programs and want to learn the new-age framework as it applies to business performance today.
✔ Individuals who are intrigued by the laws of manifestation, and want to take their first steps to learn the framework to improve all areas of their lives
✔ Heart-Centred people who value helping others and contributing to the community, and want to supercharge their impact using the most advanced change work today.
✔ Open-Minded Individuals who want to challenge their existing understanding of success in life, and reality itself.
✔ Anyone who knows there must be more to life than their current realities, and are motivated to take action on new knowledge, to powerfully transform their lives.

This is the most advanced Quantum mind change work for the world we live in today, delivered in a way that is fun, insightful, and rewarding for the right participants.

Who this is Not For….

The Heart of Living is readily available for everyone who chooses to receive it with an open-mind, and pure intent. However, we understand that this sort of advanced Quantum mind change work is not for everybody. It challenges existing frameworks and stretches minds and people may find that they simply aren’t ready for it. This program is not for…

Individuals who aren’t willing to have their existing understanding of the world, severely challenged by new-age findings.
Quick-fix Seekers who want an instant solution for their life and businesses, without having to put in the right energy and effort to make a change.
Selfish people who have no desire to achieve success with the purpose of having a positive social impact (family, community, nation and the world).
Deceitful people who want to learn tricks and tactics to manipulate others in life, as a way to fuel their own ego and sense of personal power.
Anyone who is an energy vampire, and makes it their purpose in life to go around purposefully destroying experiences for others, and sabotaging opportunities as a way to prove that the world is out to get them (and everybody else).


Why the term Quantum?

Thanks to Albert Einstein and other Scientific Geniuses like Nikola Tesla, it’s no longer a myth that everything in this world is energy expressed in some way, shape or form. Yet even knowing that doesn’t necessarily make it entirely useful for our lives. The Heart of Living delivers structured lessons on the fundamental building-blocks for understanding, describing and working with natural laws at the most subtle level known to mankind. By understanding and properly applying these laws, you will be able to design every aspect and detail of your life, and live it on purpose rather than simply being in it. That way, you can do what you came here to do in the world, and bring humanity closer together.

What You Will Learn

This is an overview of some of what you will learn over the course of 4 days (note: the order may or may not vary, depending on the needs of the group).

  • Getting Real with what’s working and what’s not working in your life right now.
  • Learn the Logical Levels of Change as they apply to transforming multiple areas of your life, other people’s lives, the environment around you, and humanity itself.
  • Learn about the Quantum field, which is the highest level of change work available today.
  • Challenge the Nature of Reality as you know it now, and get a peek into how you create it.
  • Developing Awareness of what drives the way you think, understand, and act in your life.
  • Understand the Relationship you have with yourself.
  • Clarify Your Life Mission and Purpose so you can express your highest values to serve and free humanity.
  • Connecting Your Head and Heart to boost your ability to impact other people’s lives, and to manifest the life you want.
  • How to Live Your Current Mission now, rather than having it be just an idea on paper.
  • Learn how to trust you inner instincts (intuition) so you have access to a genius guide that works for you, 24/7.
  • Uncover the Resources that you have used in the past, and that miraculously got you where you are today.
  • Learn How to Cause More Miracles by drawing on past, present and future resources that are sitting right under your nose.
  • Hold the Paradox to get beyond right and wrong, so you can be an influencer of how things around you play out.
  • Applying the Wisdom of the human body, and how your body helps you make better decisions in your life.
  • Gain Fulfillment and financial freedom doing what you love, and bringing more of humanity together.
  • The Push for the Conscious Evolution & Freeing of Mankind, and how our personal growth as humans assists in this process.
  • Reuniting our connection with mother earth and how we can work with the natural flow of her and the universe in our daily lives.
  • Understand our history of ourselves and remembering our inherent organic nature
  • Healing old programs of self doubt.
  • Unlocking emotional blocks within ourselves to free us from unwanted sabotage patterns.
  • Grabbing hold of our relationship to all things and the symbiotic nature we are all with all beings.
  • Remembering we are human beings not human doers and feeling the freedom of that once again.
  • Finding the powerful voice within ourselves to cut out the noise of opinions of others to stay on our unique path on this planet.

Typical Results

To get a feel for what sort of business and life results you might get after training with Jeffrey Slayter, click here.

Country: Australia

Price: $2,500 AUD

Location and Dates:

  • Location: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia (Airports can be Ballina, Gold Coast or Brisbane)
  • Date: 13th – 16th July 2017
  • Time: 9:30am – 7pmish

Country: Asia

Price: $6000

Location and Dates:

  • TBD

This event will be held in top-notch conference rooms where you can immerse yourself in the experience and network with other like-minded individuals who are looking to apply the latest human change work to all aspects of their lives.

To register or inquire – contact Jeffrey Slayter team

Phone: +61 (02) 8003 5747 Email: [email protected]

Client Feedback

Tegan Petterwood

Jeffrey’s Heart of Living was life changing. I am so motivated to be the best version of myself and have clarity in what I am after. Thank you for the reminder to follow my heart.”

Terence Darragh

An amazing transformative journey. What really sets this apart is Jeff’s passionate commitment that our inner work is then taken out into the world and so contribute to global change.”

Jemima Lambell

The Heart of Living came at a perfect time for me, a time when I needed to stop the world, take time to truly focus on myself and seek clarity for my life. Spending time learning and growing in such a fun, supportive environment has inspired me to recognise the next steps needed to live the life of my dreams by following my heart.”

Baz Youssef

Intensely powerful, real, confrontational & transformational especially if you permit yourself to surrender to the experience.”

Reika Sroyphet

Thank you Jeffrey & all the team. So grateful, I will honour this experience by living from my heart & trusting in my own experience. I’ve received so much from the experience thank you for empowering me to trust in my own experience & stay true to my heart.”


This course will truly transform you in such an amazing way. Jeff is able to deliver the experience in a safe and loving space, this allows you to fully blossom and let go! Thank you Jeff!!”

Jan Brooker

Jeffrey is a wisdom keeper, a truly inspiring facilitator with an enormous wealth of wisdom to share & what I most love is that he comes from a beautifully generous & compassionate Heart Space.”

Ed Lower

Jeff’s courses are so ahead of everything else can offer in this market and have really helped me think outside the box, outside what I’ve been told and what I’ve told myself.”

Catterina Tilby

Jeff is willing to go the extra mile to deliver his truth and bring humanity back together.”

Sharon Wilson

I would totally recommend resitting The Heart of Living, this result for me was an amazingly transformative event that was initiated in the first one. I have realigned galaxies this time whoo hoo!!!”

Sheryl Harvey

Jeff you are truly an inspiration to everyone who has the good fortune to be in and around your beautiful energy – never change – you would make any parent proud to call you son.”

Adam Kangas

Science of you and Jeff opened myself to a different experience of the world and that we are really connected to others in a way we really can’t explain.”

Leigh Eggins

Thanks to Jeff and his team for facilitating a life changing experience – Science of You. Business growth techniques which rock in a fun environment.”

Deanna Kangas

Jeff is an amazing coach, mentor and friend to everyone of his events. If you are looking for ‘real’ training, then you have to work with Jeff.”

Ainslie Bryce-Northey

I encourage anyone and everyone to do one or all of Jeff’s seminars/workshops. It does change you mentally and emotionally. I look forward to doing more work with Jeffrey in the near future.”

The Amazon Coach Fiona Maloney

If you are serious about transforming your life, drop everything you are doing and seek out Jeff. It is an action you will never regret. All things are possible.”

John Callanan

Jeffrey is a masterful speaker, teacher and coach because he has and is connected to the great unknowing mystery sometimes referred to as conciousness, all that is the universe of the quantum field.”

Angelo Falco

If this experience does not touch you in any way even just a little your dead. This has transformed 10-fold. Thank you.”

Paul Cummins

Simple awesome!!! Very different event from the moment you arrived. You will be challenged and a different person by the end.”


My intention of being here was to hear indisputable mind blowing stuff. You delivered!

My poor mind is still spinning, I love it. Thank you xx”

Gail Rogerson

Every moment was a connection with a person or lesson for self. They showed up when expected; when not. In silence and noise. The gift of this course was to gain the knowledge of being and self.”

Founder of the Following Your Passion Philipp Henseler

Keep pushing that life changing wave through the bay to bring more smile to the face of human faces.”

Kim Edwards

Thanks Jeff, you have helped me to clarify my inspired mission and five me a driver for delivering my business to make the money to pursue my mission.”

Megan Wright

It’s a beautiful experience to let go of thinking you know everything while simultaneously coming to understand that you do have all the answers you need, waiting for you to remember them with your heart. The Science of You is a portal back to that remembrance.”

Khadine Aharon

Jeffrey Slayter’s Science of You is a must for anyone wanting to reconnect with their core self and embrace the perfection they are.”

Michaela Kupkacova

Jeffrey’s gift to me and humanity is like no other I have ever received or experienced. I wish I met him sooner. I look forward to the future with my transformed self.”

Vicki Abraham

Science of You is unexpectedly life shattering – that is, life as you knew it is shattered to form a more beautiful kaleidoscope of colours and new patterns you can’t imagine until it appears.”

Ruth Fenby

Thank you for an event like no other, very heart opening, beautiful to experience this with so many other beautiful souls.”

Martha Arifin

Transformational “nothing like this out there” experience of my lifetime. Exceptional deep connections with others, I have discovered more about the world and myself in this event. Thank you Jeffrey and the team.”

Colin Wanless

Jeffrey continues to amaze me at his depth of understanding of Humanity and the individual which is grounded in the real world. Do not allow this opportunity to pass you by, you may change your life and you get to hang out with amazing, conscious and grounded people.”

Richard Peard

Jeffrey is a modern wizard, an urban shaman who walks between the business and spiritual worlds successfully. It is empowering to work with him; he has helped me to change my life for the better.”

Andy Hooper

Jeffrey Slayer’s Science of You is something special! I welcome you to ride the wave in the awakening of ourselves.”

Adam Oldmeadow

The sun is shining. Earth is ready. Humanity needs you. What do you choose?”

Syd Harvey

I think Jeffrey is a very sincere and passionate man. He respects the people around him and holds the group with interest in what he says & does. I wish him all the best with respect.”

Andrew Hooper

A game changing experiential event where you will unfold to who you truly are. Go humans! Go plants!”

Sue McLachlan

Heart of Living is a unique experience that really assists in the waking up process helping to understand your true nature & what’s really happening here on our beautiful planet.”

Trish Barram-Flynn

Jeffrey Slayter and his team created the space to suspend judgements about what I believed was possible for myself, for others and humanity. Space to play, explore and express myself and connect to my heart and the hearts of others and get real.”

Matt Kent

Jeff and the team have opened my eyes to seeing life in a greater capacity. Looking forward to the next step. Thank you!”

Teddy Von Sivers

Connecting all the dots that you’ve ever spoken or wondered about. Assisting, reconnecting you to yourself, which gives you joy & peace. Would absolutely recommend. Live the life you desire.”

Dion Taylor

The Heart of Living opens your mind, body & spirit to all things possible. This session should be on your bucket list if you have a gift to share with the world and are just needing to take that next step.”

Helen Moshi

Jeffrey has assisted me in continuing my journey started in Heart of Sales, to find myself again to own myself, my beliefs and to love myself unconditionally without judgement, criticism and guilt. Thank you for bringing me on this journey.”


Grounding, Opening, Enlightening, Mind Expanding, Joyful. Highly recommended.”


Such an amazing authentic experience shared by Jeffrey.”

Maurcio Mayorga

The biggest impact that I take home is the ability to have a clear mission in life and knowing how to merge it with your business it will allow to create the life that you design.”

Mario Pirotta

If you are stuck in the space of logic and find that you have tried all sorts of techniques with no evident results. Then get on to Jeff Program (Science of You) and connect with a different you!!”

Lynley Traeger

This event re-awakened my self belief reasssuring that there are aspects of me that are great and there is room for improvement but I have a stronger vision. the other participants were very warm and supportive and there was lots of fun.”

Rob Whyte

If your in business and wanting to take your business to a deeper level, Jeff’s trainings provide connection to a deeper purpose in what we do and why we do it. If you question what and why you’re doing what you do, you must attend a Jeff Slayter training.”

Ming Chan

A truly transforming and experiential course. For a 4 day event you will definitely get your value from this course.”

Kia Dowell

The Science of You is and amazing and empowering opportunity to really explore and discover just how important your relationship with yourself is if you intend on changing or positively contributing to the world and others through your mission and work.. Thank you.”

Mandi Chimutengwende

Thank you to Jeff and team for reminding me never to be afraid of my own potential to be love for myself and others. I always had it, I just forgot to breather and live. Bring it on. x”

Frederick Krasey

I have waited a long time to find something to align to and with that’s vision and purpose is beyond ego and supporting of self but is for the betterment of all. I have found your environment such a place. Thank you Jeffrey Slayter.”

Leanne Turner

This is truly a life changing seminar to look at who I really am and doing to bring to the fore what I am so passionate about and what my mission in life is to do. That you Jeff you are an inspirational to all.”

Raj Vastrad

Jeff’s style and contest is inspiring enthusing to transcend from ideas to actions and transformations.”

Norma Needham

Jefferey is very passionate person, it oozes out of his body, a very learned person. He is a true blue leader with many skills most of all, we have fun.”

Ming Chan

Jeffrey’s insight into what is required for transformation is second to none. He brings caring and an attitude of humility to a subject that can be scary and confronting. Awesome work Jeffrey. I look forward to working with you in the future.

I have attended this transformative journey previously and it is better each time. Finding the words is hard because I travelled so far in the 4 days. Perhaps I can say that I progressed and transcended at least a millennium of experiences during the time I was here. It was successful to share this with my fellow tribe members.”

Thomas Alkmim

Jeffrey masters the art of communication and human relationships. He guided me all the way to my true choices.”

Marko Petrovic

If you want to experience life attend this program. If you want to understand it currently, don’t. This is a much needed program that stretches the boundary of life and what’s possible. It is the only one of its kind!”

Dan Norton

I came with no expectations knowing that I would get exactly what I needed. I believe I got exactly what I needed and what was best for me at this point in time. The course was dynamic and insightful in ways I would not have predicted.”

Paras Paradise Yazdani

The ripple effect of what has happened here and what will be created has changed the world on a scale beyond measure.”

Melissa Dang

Jeffrey Slayter’s The Science of You course pushes boundaries. It enables you to truly connect with your inner self in a profound way. I encourage everybody to do it. The transformation within me is empowering.”

Belinda Taylor

I cried. I laughed. I experientially discovered what love and trust in self really is and feels like there is no greater blessing than to fall more in love with me and life. Thank you.”

James Kemp

I bought myself a ticket to Jeffrey’s Science of You over 6 months ago and held it as a treat, knowing it would be epic, like nurturing rocket fuel. I wasn’t disappointed – it was far, far greater heart expanding and fuelling and fun and spacious too.”

Andre Kadamani

At the Science of You I received the most important and powerful tool I ever could for moving my life forward. Thank you Jeffrey for a truly transformative four days!”



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